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Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

ComplyUp supports SMS text messages sent to your cell phone as a second form of authentication (in addition to your password).

To enable Multifactor Authentication, navigate to Account Security by clicking the User Icon located at the top-right corner of CMP.

Enable Multifactor Authentication

Toggle the MFA switch.

Multifactor Authentication Toggle

You’ll be asked to enroll your cell phone when you next log in.

Multifactor Authentication Enrollment
Confirm MFA Enrollment

You will immediately receive an SMS code. Enter this code to confirm enrollment.

You will be given a recovery code that can be used if your cell phone is dead or otherwise unavailable. Record this code and save it is somewhere safe as it will not be displayed again.

MFA Recovery Code
MFA Success

You’re now configured for Multifactor Authentication.