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Get a sense of what’s happening.

The Dashboard View contains several sections that allow you to quickly get a sense of the progress you’re making.

  1. 800-171 Assessment Information
    This section displays your organization name, environment name and the start date of the assessment. The assessment scheduled completion date is assigned based on the assessment length set during assessment creation.
ComplyUp Nist 800-171 Compliance Assessment
  1. Control Status
    This interactive chart shows a count of controls by status (e.g. Not Started, In Progress, Implemented, etc.).
  1. Controls Completed
    This chart displays the total number of controls completed.
ComplyUp Nist 800-171 Compliance Controls Completed
  1. Control Completion Schedule
    This graph projects the number of controls scheduled to be completed based on the assessment length set during assessment creation. Your actual number of completed controls will be plotted alongside the scheduled line as you progress through the assessment.
ComplyUp Nist 800-171 Compliance Schedule
  1. Control List
    This is your weekly to-do list. Completing each control in this list will keep you on schedule to finish the assessment within the assessment length set during assessment creation. Each week, the completed controls will be replaced with a new set of controls. Any outstanding controls that were not completed on time will remain at the top of the list, accompanied by a clock icon to indicate they are overdue. Overdue controls are immediately removed from the list once completed.