Data Retention Policy

Compliance Management Solutions Inc.
Data Retention Policy
Last updated:
March 7th, 2023
Customer data collected by Compliance Management Solutions Inc. is retained for a specific period of time. This period is referred to as the default data retention period.
This policy applies to data that is available in the ComplyUp Assessment Platform (AP), including but not limited to assessment information, evidence uploads, policy documents and system security plans.
Default Data Retention Period
The data retention policy defines a data retention period in which user data will be stored within the ComplyUp AP. By default, data is retained while a subscription is active and for 6 months after the ComplyUp AP subscription is canceled.
Reducing the Default Data Retention Period
A customer can reduce the default data retention period by contacting Compliance Management Solutions via phone or email. There is no charge for reducing the default data retention period.
Accessing Retained Data
Data retained within the ComplyUp AP can be accessed while a subscription is active or by renewing a previously canceled subscription within the data retention period. Access to data is unavailable without a paid subscription. Data will not be available after the data retention period has passed.
Data Deletion
Compliance Management Solutions retains the right to delete data for dates beyond the data retention period as defined in this document with no option for recovery.