Migration Guide


AP Dashboard

User Management

ComplyUp’s new platform is multi-tenant, similar to the older model, however we have added the capability to add permissions sets to users.


We have a sleek new design for our requirements page.
It’s now easier to work through and track individual requirements.


You now have the ability to search through your evidence and download all of your evidence to a .zip file.

Policy Generator

Our new Policy Generator has the ability to save revisions of your policies.
You can save the current instance of the policy you are working on or generate a new revision instead.

Generating Documentation

It’s now easier to generate your SSP.
You have the ability to generate a Major or Minor revision of your SSP. You also have the freedom to download an untracked working copy.

A New Dashboard

A more comprehensive dashboard that shows your status on each individual requirement as well as the ability to assign requirements to team members.

New Dashboard

An Improved SSP

Our new System Security Plan is not only easy-on-the-eyes and more in-depth, but also downloads as a Word document.

In fact, all of our documentation, policies included, download as a Word document now.

Migration Guide

From ComplyUp’s CMP to the updated ComplyUp Assessment Platform

To access the new Assessment Platform, click here or copy and paste the url below into your browser.


  1. To begin, select “Forgot your password?” on the login page.

    Forgot your Password
  2. Enter your username in the field and select “Reset my password”.
    NOTE: Usernames are case sensitive.

  3. An email will be sent to you containing a verification code similar to the example below.

    Verification Email
  4. Enter your verification code along with a new password for your new Assessment Platform account.

  5. You’ll find a NIST 800-171 assessment and a CMMC Level 3 assessment, auto-populated with information from your legacy 800-171 assessment.

    New Assessments

    Select Launch on the assessment that you’d like to access, and input your encryption passphrase. Congratulations! You’ve been fully upgraded to the Assessment Platform!

    For additional guidance, visit the Assessment Platform Documentation.