Organization Information

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In your assessment’s Organization Information menu, you’ll have the ability to add, edit, or delete data relating to your organization and the points of contact within that organization.

All organization information entered will be used to auto-populate deliverables, upon generation, should they require any organization information.

Locating System Information

From the Assessment Dashboard, if you look to the left-side panel, you’ll see a number of options.
Org Info will be the first option available below the main Dashboard link.

Organization Information - Location

General Organization Information

Organization information is used extensively throughout most deliverables. When you enter information here, it auto-populates any deliverable with the information entered as many times as needed throughout a document.
There are four basic fields to fill in:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Street Address
  • Organization Suite
  • Organization City, State, & ZIP

System Owner Information

The information attributed here should reflect that of the system owner. It gives their basic information as well as contact information.
The six fields are:

  • System Owner Name
  • System Owner Title
  • System Owner Organization
  • System Owner Address
  • System Owner Phone
  • System Owner Email

Additional Points of Contact

The Additional POC panel and its associated panel are used to add points of contact that may be necessary to your assessment.

From the Additional POC panel, you can add or delete additional contacts with the blue plus icon or the red trash can icon.

Once a contact has been added, you can modify that contact’s information in the panel to the right.
If you would like to edit or delete a different contact, select their name from the Additional POC panel.

You can add the contact’s Name, POC Type, Title, Organization, Address, Phone, and Email.

Organization Logo

To add a logo for your organization, navigate to the panel label “Organization Logo”. Click in the box underneath and you’ll be prompted to upload a file. Once confirmed, you should see your logo appear in the panel.

This logo will now be auto-populated in deliverables should it be required.