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Assessment Navigation

These links can be used to navigate to different areas of the current assessment. This is the home-base for the Assessment Dashboard.

Dashboard - Assessment Navigation

Assessment Features

Here, you can access the various features that the Assessment Platform can execute. There is an Evidence Tab, used for uploading / viewing evidence, a Documentation Tab, used to produce your final deliverables, and finally, a Policy Generator Tab, where you can produce, view, edit, and share policies.

Dashboard - Assessment Features

User Access

Under the Administration View, you can select Account Users to make changes to user account or invite new users. Selecting Assessment Users will take you to a window where you can assign different permissions to each user per assessment account. Access the Billing Information Tab to view invoices, management payments, and make changes to your billing account. Listed here is also the Profile View. use the Log Out link to log out of your account.

Dashboard - User Access

Current Organization / Organization Dashboard

The Assessment List link at the top will take you to the Organization Dashboard.
The text at the bottoms displays which organization account you are using at that moment to access the current assessment and gives you an option to switch which organization account you are using.

Dashboard - Organization Dashboard

Subject Organization / Project Name

When creating a new assessment, an account admin will give the assessment an assigned Organization Name and in doing so, name the project. That is displayed here.

Dashboard - Subject Organization

License Type

This displays the exact licensed assessment title.

Dashboard - Subject Organization

Visual Progression Graphs

These graphs will show you how far along you are in your assessment. They break down the Task Status items and put it into visuals that are understood at a glance.

Dashboard - Visual Progression Graphs

Task Status

This section shows your progress across many different areas of the assessment, from your organization name to assessment specific inputs.

Dashboard - Task Status


Navigate various requirements throughout your assessment. Upon clicking, you can head to the Requirement page to fill in necessary data, add evidence, change completion status, etc.

Dashboard - Task Status

Event Calendar

This calendar can be used to set up reminders for users. It can also keep track of notes that can be composed on any day.

Dashboard - Task Status