Changing Account Ownership

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Once you transfer account ownership, you will no longer have full access to account owner permissions. This action is irreversible.

To change ownership of an account, you’ll need to navigate to the Account Users section of the Assessment Platform.

Locating Account Users

From the Assessment Dashboard, navigate to the left-hand panel and select the Administration dropdown. From here, click the link labeled Account to travel to the Account Users dashboard.

Account Users - Location

Changing Account Ownership

In the Account Users dashboard, locate the Transfer Ownership button on the right. A warning message will popup and you’ll need to verify that the action is irreversible and that you about to allow an ownership transfer to a different account user.

After clicking “Proceed”, you’ll notice an empty “Owner” button next to all account users.
By clicking the button, you’ll give full account ownership to that user.

Account Users - Owner Button