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As your work through your assessments, you’ll find that almost every field in the Assessment Platform supports an autosave function. Whether you’re inputting text, checking boxes, or adding additional fields – you’ll notice the autosave feature triggering.
There are few features on the Assessment Platform that don’t have an autosave function (those that don’t can be found below).

While many features save without visual confirmation (like checking an implemented/non-implemented box), there are many that do have visual representation.

Recognizing Autosave

Anytime you’re working in a panel that has a gradient blue bar above it (pictured below), this panel has a visual indicator that autosave is functioning.

Autosave - Location

When something is autosaving, you’ll see this blue bar disappear and fill in from left to right as a progress indication of the autosave.
Once completed, the blue bar will be restored to its original state.

Autosave - Example

You’ll see an abundance of these in specific requirement pages where you fill in detailed data.

Manual Save Points

In the Policy Generator, once you’re working on a specific policy, you’ll need to manually save your progress on the right-hand side. You can also generate a Revision History below the “Save Progress” button that will show all the manual saves that you’ve made.