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Notice Regarding CMMC 2.0
CMMC Assessments:
The CMMC 2.0 framework is not yet available. DoD officials forecast its release in late November. Once available, ComplyUp will integrate the official framework changes into customers’ existing CMMC assessments. Customers can continue performing assessments as usual, save for the following proposed CMMC 2.0 modifications:
  1. Ignore the Practices removed in CMMC 2.0:
Level 2: AU.2.044, IR.2.093, IR.2.094, IR.2.096, IR.2.097, RE.2.137, SC.2.179
Level 3: AM.3.036, AU.3.048, RE.3.139, RM.3.144, RM.3.146, RM.3.147, CA.3.162, SA.3.169, SC.3.192, SC.3.193, SI.3.218, SI.3.219, SI.3.220
“We do not have the 2.0 document [framework] released yet. That is forthcoming, ready to be posted by the end of November.”
Buddy Dees, Director, CMMC, DoD. 11/09/21 CMMC-AB Townhall
  2. Ignore all Process requirements.
NIST 800-171 Assessments:
At this time, the CMMC 2.0 program does not negate DFARS clause 252.204-7012.
Contractors subject to this clause are still required to produce a NIST 800-171 System Security Plan and submit an SPRS score.
Notice Regarding CMMC 2.0

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NIST 800-171 contains 110 requirements. Assess your organization to determine where you stand. This is often referred to as a Gap Analysis or a Readiness Assessment.

Produce Formal Documentation

Create your System Security Plan (a formal document describing how you satisfy the 110 requirements) and POA&Ms (remediation plans for the requirements you don’t satisfy).

Submit your Score

Generate your score based on your System Security Plan using the NIST SP 800-171 DoD Assessment Methodology, and submit it to DOD’s Suppliers Performance Risk System.

Implement Remediations

Address the requirements you don’t satisfy by changing configurations, deploying solutions, or updating your company policies.

Monitor & Update

Keep an eye on your organization, and update your documentation periodically to accurately reflect your security posture.

Compliance Assessment Platform

Compliance Assessment Platform

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