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Automated Documentation
NIST 800-171

Self-assessment platform at the industry’s lowest price.
Make compliance documentation an automated afterthought.

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Easy enough for the self-reliant small-business.
Powerful enough for the compliance professional.

Work through a guided assessments while organizing and compiling your results. An efficient time-saver unlike any other compliance platform.

Whether you’re performing an assessment for yourself, or for 15 clients – you’re gonna want that extra time back.

Automated Documentation

Automated Documentation

Auto-populate your System Security Plan (formal document describing how you satisfy the 110 requirements) and POA&Ms (remediation plans for the requirements you don’t satisfy).

Policy Templates

Policy Templates

Policies are tough to draft. We’ve got you covered 14 800-171 family-specific policies; as well as a collection of generic policies.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Your assessment data is auto-encrypted, keystroke-by-keystroke, with a unique encryption key you generate before it’s sent to our servers.

Compliance done right.

Looking at spreadsheets all day can get old, fast.
You need an intuitive system that helps organize the mass amounts of data you’re required to present.
The Assessment Platform will automatically compile it all into a finalized SSP.

  • Appealing User Interface
  • All-in-one Organization
  • Time-Saving Efficiency
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Deliverables – Delivered.

There’s two documents standing in the way of your claiming NIST 800-171 compliance – an SSP and a POA&M.
We’ll generate them both.

  • Auto-Generated SSP
  • Auto-Generated POA&M
  • Formatted Policies
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It’s A Lot to Digest

There’s a clear learning curve when you start diving into compliance of any sort.Even more so when it involves a regulation modeled after 800-53.If you’re looking for more information before diving into your assessment, we’ve got you covered.We’ve laid out a detailed overview of NIST 800-171 and CMMC that can help – even if you’re just hearing about it today.

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There's A Lot of Options

What makes ComplyUp Standout?

There's a lot of compliance tools.
There's only a few that can help with 800-171.
There are even fewer that produce documentation.

Why choose us from that final handful?

We're amongst the cheapest on the market,
we automate/produce documentation,
we've got policy templates,
available for 1 on 1 customer service,
and one look at our UI sets us apart.

We know you're trying to get through the assessment as fast as possible.
We can help.


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